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One of the weirdest books for cat lovers – The Wacky Adventures of Zmittens

Hi there! Let me tell you a few things about one of the weirdest books for cat lovers, The Wacky Adventures of Zmittens.

First of all, my real name is definitely not Terry Fik, but it’s easier to pronounce. I read like a maniac, I stare at cats and sometimes I write books.

When I launched my first novel (which had a very childish title, Vroom-vroom), I made specially for the book signing session a custom stamp (because I used to work in a bank and always had to stamp and sign official documents). It said „Stop gawking at the chatty fish!” and it put a nice baffled expression on my readers faces.


books for cat lovers Zmittens


The Wacky Adventures of Zmittens is one of those books for cat lovers that leaves you wondering what the heck just happened!



Last year I wrote another book, a cat ebook actually, and I had a lot of fun with this little guy:


books for cat lovers Zmittens and Terry Fik


His name is Zmittens and he is a dragon-cat who loves to cast the wrath of his mighty Sparkler upon his enemies. Also, he particularly enjoys eating and searching for spies.

Despite the fact that I don’t have any drawing skills, after I wrote his story I felt the need to give him a face. A small, annoying face, with a cute fringe and a fat little body. So I started doodling and after a while the dragon-cat looked like in the above picture.

The Wacky Adventures of Zmittens is a funny ebook about a little girl who wants to meet something Strange and Unexpected and so she does.

Big time.

Maya gets slurped into a wall and she comes across a dragon-cat and his mighty Sparkler, a bowlegged Zmeu, a delightful horse and many other wacky creatures.


Where can you find The Wacky Adventures of Zmittens?


This book for cat lovers is now available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Indigo, Angus&Robertson.


Below you can read an extract from the funny ebook for cat lovers, The Wacky Adventures of Zmittens:

The dragon-cat licked his mouth and all of a sudden he started fidgeting and sniffing the yellow air.

‘It smells like lemon, right?’ asked Maya, but at once Zmittens pressed a dirty paw on her lips, staring in her eyes and somehow sticking his whiskers in her nostrils.

‘Quiet! You may have been followed by schpies!’

The dragon-cat whispered and twitched as his pupils were getting bigger and bigger.

Maya sneezed.

‘Followed by what?’

‘Schpies, little girl, schpies!`

‘You mean spies? But I didn’t see any spy.’

‘Obviously, that’s why they are schpies. They’re not supposed to be seen. We must act very careful and smart now. Let’s run to the left!’ commanded Zmittens and broke into a crazy run, followed by a very confused little girl. They stopped short using their paws and feet as brakes, then Zmittens commanded again.

‘Now to the right!’

And they ran to the right and then to the front left, back right, front right and back left, until Maya refused to make another step and laid down on the grass, gasping for breath.

Zmittens bristled his fur and told Maya to stop wheezing, then he lowered his head to the ground, listening very carefully.

‘Ethay estaurantray isyay omingcay’ he announced with a conspiratorial whisper, keeping one eye closed.

‘I beg your pardon?’

Zmittens hissed scornfully and Maya realized that everything the bow-legged Zmeu said was true. This creature was not right in the head.

‘The restaurant is coming, grey! Don’t you know we must speak in code if there’s even the slightest possibility we’re being watched by schpies?!’

‘Speak in code? What code?’

‘Pig Latin, of course. Now you messed everything up, but maybe the schpies were already misled by our unpredictable behavior. Remember, you have to be super spontaneous! Nobody should ever know what you’re about to do. Let them read you like a closed book.